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5 Creative Ways to Reuse Flat Ball Mason Jar Lids This Fall


Forget the jar—it's all about the lids with these simple creations.


If you've attempted to use a flat lid for a second round of canning, you've probably ended up sorely disappointed at the spoiled food that resulted.

Although flat mason jar lids can only be used once for canning shelf-stable foods, that doesn’t mean you need to toss them after a single use.

While you may be already choosing your next set of favourite lids for your containers to stay fresh and safe, you can also repurpose your older lids in many creative ways.


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Here are just 5 ideas to try on:



Mason Jar Lid Coasters

First, gather four lids and place them upside down on top of the adhesive cork shelf liner. Trace around the lids with a pen, then cut out the circles. Next, stamp an image into the center of each cork circle—ours references the classic Ball jar—using solvent-based ink, which won't smear when wet.

Let the ink dry at least one minute, then peel the backing off the cork circles, affix within the lids, and crack open a cold one.


Jar Lid Cookie Cutters


If you ever find yourself without a proper pastry cutter in your kitchen, turn to jar lids. They're the ideal size to create circular cookie creations.

mason jar lid cookie cutter


Mason Jar Lid Tarts

 mason jar lid tarts

Use mason jar lids to create individual desserts that perfectly maintain portion control. You can also play around with this recipe to cater to your cravings.




Jar Lid Picture Magnets

Jar Lid Picture Magnets

Make these tiny picture magnets by using Mod Podge to paste family photos onto a lid. After it's done drying, attach a small, round magnet to the back on the lid to hang your photo on any magnetic surface.


Mason Jar Lid Candles

Mason Jar Lid Candles

This craft is a bit more time intensive, but you'll end up with lovely decor that will be great on your dinner table or fireplace mantel. Group them together for a more elegant effect.


Which one is your favorite? We would love to hear it from you.

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