5 Simple DIY Mason Jar Decor Ideas

What do you do when glass jars are old and cracked? Or they’re too scratched to be usable? Or they’re no longer fit for canning?

Canning jars are ideal for freezing food. But there are so many unexpected ways to use a canning jar! For DIY projects, glass jars are a wise choice!

Let’s see 5 ways to reuse Mason jars and make your home look pretty!

1. Decorate your Mason jar with flowers and paint

Simple DIY Mason Jar Decor Ideas
If your glass jar has a lot of nicks and scratches, you might want to paint it. You can use spray paints or acrylic paints to paint your Mason jar.
Color your jar with glass colors if you want a dreamy look!

Place fresh spring flowers or foliage in your jar and showcase it as a centerpiece!

2. Mason Jar Textured Design

Mason Jar Textured Design
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If you are someone who loves Mason jars and loves collecting beads, pebbles, shells, and colorful threads, use these craft materials to make your old jar look new!

Once you are done experimenting with canning jar craft ideas, you can try incorporating them into your home decor. 

Decide which materials would complement the theme of your space. If your room has a nautical theme, use shells and small pebbles.

Arrange them and see what works for you! Use strong glue and ensure that you use lightweight materials.

3. Canning Jar Lights

Canning Jar Lights
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Incorporating your mason jars into your lighting scheme would be a brilliant idea if you love DIY projects!

To lighten up your outdoor garden space, you can use solar lights. Super cute and super easy! You need a pint jar, strong glue, solar lights, and canning bands.

Place battery-powered string lights in your mason jar to simplify the DIY project. 

You can also make your own Mason jar lights. It's complicated but cute!

4. DIY Mason Jar Desk Organizer

DIY Mason Jar Desk Organizer

Image Source: Pinterest

The coolest thing about DIY jars is that you can customize them according to your liking!

We love our desks tidy and clutter-free. Instead of investing in expensive organizers, you can use old canning jars. 

The size of the glass jar does not matter. You can use mini mason jars for smaller objects like bulletin pins, and you can use a pint jar as a pencil holder.

Decorate the Ball Mason jar with washi tape or gift wrapping paper. If you love themed DIY projects, you can experiment with Harry Potter Mason Jar crafts!

Pro Tip: Use a wire mesh to cover the jar if you’re using it as a pencil or brush holder. 

5. Mason Jar Candles

Image Source: Pinterest

Yes, you can use canning jars for Candles! If you love Mason jars, you will surely love Mason Candle Jars. You can make a DIY Mason jar candle at home.

You’ll need wax, glue, a long wick, dye or crayon to add color, and essential oils to impart fragrance. You can also add dried flowers or leaves for an aesthetically pleasing candle. 

Alternatively, you can buy candles that can fit in your Mason jar

Pro Tip: use high-quality glass jars that can withstand heat. Do not light the candle for prolonged periods as it can overheat the glass leading to breakage. 

Additional Tip: Save your Ball Canning Lids, decorate them, and use them as lid coasters! 

It isn’t easy to compete with a Mason glass jar for utility and reusability. If you love revamping your place without burning a hole in your pocket, try these DIY projects, and make the most of your old glass jars!