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Breaking News: Ball Canning Lids & Bands on Sale!

Breaking News: Ball Canning Lids & Bands on Sale

If you're still looking for that perfect lid to fit your premium canning jar, then look no further! We know as veteran canners, that there is nothing you need more than premium Ball canning lids and bands. Canning season is rapidly approaching. Don’t miss out on all the limited time canning lid deals! But before we talk about these amazing prices, let's talk about some of the most requested types of mason jar lids we have in stock.

Here at All American Canning Jars, there has never been so many Ball canning lids on sale.

We have over a dozen different types of lids on sale over at our Canning Lids catalog.

Our most requested lids currently are the 70 mm Regular Mouth Ball lids. These lids are airtight and sealed for all your canning needs. They can be bought with bands or bought alone. These premium Ball canning lids have withstood the test of time and are widely recognized as the best lids/flats money can buy.

Next, we have my personal favorite lid: the Pewter Daisy Jelly lid. These stainless steel one-piece regular mouth lids will never rust. With a unique design, these lids are great for flowers, holding candles, or simply as a house decoration.

Because of their unique design, the Pewter lids are one of the most versatile lids on the market.


And finally last, but not certainly not least, we have the Tattler lids.

These are a frugal canner’s dream come true. They are reusable plastic canning lids that can be used for water bath canning, steam canning, or pressure canning. The white disc part of the lid can last a lifetime, while the red rubber gaskets can last for years and may be used many times over. 


Our New Prices & Limited Time Deals

We know canning season is finally here and we want to make sure nobody misses out on the canning lids that they need.  We have lowered our prices by 20-30% across the boards in these times of need. At American Canning Jars, we understand that canning can be expensive, and because of that we are also giving you an additional 15% off anything we have in stock for a limited time only. To redeem this offer and take advantage of our amazing deals use promo code blog15 at checkout. 

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Our Mission

All American Canning Jars is a nonprofit built to serve all your canning needs and aid veterans heal from the trauma they endured while protecting our country. All of our proceeds go directly to helping veterans transition back into a normal civilian life.

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