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Sushi, Steak and The Future of Mason Jars

Sushi, Steak, and the Future of Mason Jars

You heard it here first: steak is the new sushi.

Sushi is “so” antiquated.

It was not very long ago that you could drive to your local retail store and buy as many mason jars as your home could hold. Due to the life changing covid-19 pandemic and the recent canning jar shortage across the country buying mason jars in stores is virtually impossible.

Now at first you might say what does this have to do with steak or sushi, but just like the recent difficulties finding mason jars around the country it is just as difficult to find a good sushi roll. 

Ok so obviously I am kidding, the future of mason jars has nothing to do with steak or sushi.

Nevertheless, if you want to buy Mason Jars in 2021 you are going to need to shop online and that’s where we come in.

You might find yourself asking, why should you shop for your mason jar needs with us?

At All American Canning Jars

  • We have an unlimited supply of all your favorite jar brands like Ball, Kerr, Anchor Hocking, and more
  • You can buy wholesale samples before buying in bulk
  • We replace any jars broken during shipment 
  • Cheapest shipping rates in the market

There is a jar out there for everyone. We currently distribute Mason jars by the pallet to wholesale customers that own Natural food stores, Honey farms, Weed dispensaries, Homesteaders and many others retail customers just looking to find their favorite jar in stock.

For all your canning needs be sure to go to the link below and use the DISCOUNT code blog15 for 15% off any purchase!

Our Mission 

All American Canning Jars is a nonprofit built to serve all your canning needs and aid veterans heal from the trauma they endured while protecting our country. All of our proceeds go directly to helping veterans transition back into a normal civilian life. For more information on our story go to the link below.

Our Story – All-American Canning Jars

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