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10 Unexpected ways To Use Your Mason Jar

Jam, pasta sauce, salsa — what do they all have in common? They all come packaged in Mason jars. Rather than recycling jars when they are empty, why not put them to good use? With a little creativity and a few ingredients, the uses for Mason jars are limitless.

If you’ve browsed the zero-waste hashtag on Instagram, or even on google – you’re bound to have seen a TON of mason jar pictures. I mean, what is our obsession with the mason jar? Is it a hipster thing? Is it a throwback to the good ol’ days? I mean honestly, do you know how many things you can do with a mason jar!?


I’m convinced I could definitely find 2,000 uses for a mason jar. Some may be redundant, though… so let’s just stick with 10.

1 - Coffee:

Who needs a disposable coffee cup? Not you. You can also make coffee in a mason jar with a nut milk bag!  

2 - Baking Dish:

Yeah! You can bake personalized meals inside of a mason jar. Anything from banana bread to lasagna to mini potpies. Isn’t it darling?

3 - Biscuit Cutters:

regular lids and bands

The ball canning jar bands are crazy versatile too. The bands make a great biscuit cutter

4 - Soap Dispenser:

 Replace your disposable plastic soap dispenser and add a rustic touch to your bathroom with a fabulous Mason jar soap dispenser. Get started on this craft with just a few small hand tools and a soap pump.

5 - Takeout:

 Perfect for loading up on soups, sauces, and noodles.

 6 - Mini Pie Tins:

wide mouth lids and bands

Instead of cupcakes, you can make mini pies with the canning jar rings. Y.U.M. I would make these with ball’s metal lids and avoid their plastic-based lids to avoid transferring BPS into your food.

 7 - Beachy Terrarium:

 Commemorate your favorite beach vacation by displaying your collection of seashells, sand, and sea glass inside a Mason jar. This cottage-perfect décor will have you reliving sunny memories year-round, picnic-snatching seagulls need not apply.

 8 - Rustic Wall Piece:

 Mix and match your favorite mason jars to create a hanging wall piece that can be customized with vintage knobs and your favorite flowers. This versatile piece can be displayed both indoors and outdoors.

 9 - Water Bottle:  

You can of course always use it as a water bottle. I per Plastic-free so you don’t have to worry about BPA or BPS leaking into your drinking water.

 10 - Organization:

Ball Canning Jars


Of course, they’re also great for organization. We have them in our workshop for tools, at the desk for office supplies, the kitchen for food, and the bathroom! I don’t think there’s a room in our house missing a mason jar. Way cheaper than some of the stuff that you’d buy at the container store, and they look soooo much better.


Bonus - Speaker:

When I’m jamming in the kitchen making buffalo cauliflower and energy bites, I place my phone in a shallow glass jar.

You can also use them as drinking glasses. Comes in super handy for parties. If you’re running short on glasses, or you want to give your friends something you don’t mind them breaking. Is it really a party if someone doesn’t break a glass?

Do you have a certain style you prefer? What do you use glass jars for?

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