About Us

All American Canning Jars is a retail and wholesale canning lid and jar supplier, brought to you by Veteran Transition Academy, a registered 501c3 nonprofit serving veterans as they transition to the civilian world.


About Our Founder

VTA and AACJ were founded in 2019 by Derek Gawrys. Learn more about Derek here —> https://www.linkedin.com/in/derekgawrys

Derek is an entrepreneur, cryptocurrency investor and veteran of the United States Marine Corp where he was an infantryman.

After growing up in New Hampshire and joining the military, Derek spent a decade in business development and tech consulting before starting Veteran Transition Academy and All American Canning Jars.



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Gratefully yours,

Derek Gawrys

Derek Gawrys Veteran Transition Academy All American Canning Jars


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